Values, Skills & Character

This category recognizes schools that nurture character, responsibility, service, self-discipline and skills such as collaboration, creativity, communication, relationships and critical skills also known as 21st-century skills in their students. The schools put in place proper governance structures that help build confidence and leadership qualities that they can apply after school. Learners are nurtured through proactive experiential-based approaches to create a culture of peace through shared values and common aspirations, and addressing issues of violent extremism, child online safety and racial and religious segregation.

Such schools have zero or minimal incidents of bullying, strikes, and where efforts are made to apply peaceful resolutions to conflicts. For example, these schools instill democratic values by conducting free and fair elections for their student governments. Schools that nurture and model character in their students will put in place adequate conflict resolution mechanisms that will
nip students’ unrest such as the ones that lead to school burning in the bud before it happens. Some schools have put in place Peace Clubs, Integrity Clubs and other activities to nurture
values and responsible citizenship from a young age.