The “Great Places To School” Initiative

The Great Places To School (GPTS) is a research based rating exercise to identify, rates and recognize schools whose innovative learning environment and overall school culture contribute to the development of a total child. GPTS is equivalent to an annual report card which provides accurate, objective, understandable information about the performance of individual schools that is not easily available anywhere else.
The aim of the awards is to improve the quality of learning in schools by subjecting them to a regular confirmation of competence as “great places to school.” This is done through a rigorous process that identifies and rates schools whose overall culture contributes to the development of a holistic student. Parents can utilize this scientific research based report card when they are choosing a school for their children as they make comparisons much easier.
Kenyan school graduates lack appropriate skills to meet the demands of the 21st century job market, and nearly 60% of youth remain unemployed after graduation. The Global Risks Report, 9th Edition (2014) by World Economic Forum identifies high youth unemployment as one of the ten highest risks of greatest concern in 2014, having consequences on global security, economic growth and corruption indexes.

Further, Kenya’s past experience with ranking was solely examination based and was out of touch with the current educational and social realities and the past system of using mean scores alone to rate learners or institutions did not give conclusive evidence of the effects of other variables such as physical resources, teacher-pupil ratio teacher quality, teaching learning materials and school management which impact on performance. The initiative is organized by the Global Peace Foundation Kenya, the Standard Group PLC, the Kenya Private Schools Association and Opinion Track Ltd and provides an opportunity to transform the education system by appreciating that every school is unique and plays a key role in nurturing a holistic student.

Why Participate

The envisioned benefits of schools participating in Great Places to School are; Schools get to grow their brand as the Best Place to School Know what is working for your School, Schools are able to identify and know what is working for their school, their strengths and also weaknesses, schools will be able to benchmark against each other and lastly schools will be committed in transforming their schools since they have the maintain the Great Places to School since it is an annual recognition.

Who Are We

Great Places to School are schools where students, teachers, and parents want to be. They are schools where students do their best because they feel safe, appreciated, supported, and challenged.

Our Vision

To improve the quality of learning in schools by subjecting the schools to a regular confirmation of competence as Great Places to School

Why Participate

Our 8-Indicators


Health & Personal Hygiene

How safe is your institution health-wise? Do you have an elaborate long term mechanism to ensure good health and accommodative learning environment for learners and other educators?. Tell us some of the specific and tangible criteria put in place to combat health hazards in your school.


Extra – curricular and Sports Activities

Is your school a sporting environment for learners to develop their physical talents in their quest for sporting glory? Tell us about the expert advice offered to students, and the expert physical activities and facilities offered by your school for developing physical abilities into skilled talent.


Safety and Security

Is your school a safe and secure environment for learners where they, and their parents, are assured of their protection as they learn? Tell us about what measures you have put in place for the students.


Academics (other)

Is your school an enlightening place for learners to study and get a wholesome education? Tell us about the non-examinable offerings, variety of subjects on offer, cultural exchange programs, student-teacher ratio, outstanding awards, and providing an enlightening environment for learners to excel.


Career & Entrepreneurship Development

Does your school offer an entrepreneurial environment for students to develop their entrepreneurial ideas? Is Career and Entrepreneurship Development – Does your school offer an entrepreneurial environment for students to develop their entrepreneurial ideas? 



Is your school open to listening to the needs of the learners and accommodating their views? Tell us about the system of governance in place and how this builds confidence and authority in your learners, how they speak out for what they truly believe, and how they address issues that move them


Character & Creative Talent

Is your school an environment that moulds learners into authentic people of honest character? Tell us about the character guidance and direction offered to learners through molding and by instruction so that they are able to express their personalities in a healthy and strong way for developing creativity and respectable character and creativity in learners.


STEM Education

Does your school ignite an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics? Tell us how you support STEM education, awards you have won, facilities present and ICT resources present in the school for learning purposes.


Ksh. 100,000 per category

  • Social media exposure on our Facebook page and Twitter handles
  • Logo on Great Places to School website

Purchase of a table for Gala Dinner

  • 5 staff members from each school will be allowed to attend the event live
  • The school will get media live recognition and award category if any
  • The winning schools will get continued ambassadorial identity and can  engage GPF and its partners in their activities.