Moral & Innovative School Leadership

 Leadership is a very crucial element for the success of any organization and schools are not an exception. “A positive school culture is the underlying reason why the other components of successful schools are able to flourish.”

This category focuses on school leadership and its relationship to the success of the school in delivering its objectives. Moral and Innovative leadership” combines two important qualities
of leadership which are being vision-driven and living for the greater good and being forward-looking, out-of-the-box, and possibility driven. Such leadership inspires people to use their God-given creativity to make advances and transformation in every sector of the human endeavour to challenge obstacles and search out new solutions. 

We have seen several moral and innovative teachers such as the 2019 Global Teacher Prize winner Peter Tabichi, a science teacher who mentored his pupils through the Kenya Science and Engineering Fair 2018 – where students showcased a device, they had invented to allow blind and deaf people to measure objects.

The category identities schools whose principals, teachers and overall management are transformative and inspire the schools to excel and perform better. Sometimes all it takes is a highly motivated and transformative faculty to improve learning and the general performance of the school. Such teachers model those values they would like to see in their students and encourage them to innovate solutions to the challenges facing the schools and its communities and encourages the teachers to be continuous learners thereby discovering new
concepts useful in their work.