Global Competence

Global Competence is a multi-dimensional construct that requires a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values successfully applied to global issues or intercultural situations. Global issues refer to those that affect all people and have deep implications for current and future generations. Students gain global competence by practising skill development in the classroom and applying their learning to real-world topics. Instructional strategies include structured debates, organized discussions, learning from current events, learning from play, service learning, and project-based learning. They are able to adapt and contribute knowledge and understanding to a world that is constantly, rapidly evolving.

Global competence is a crucial shift in our understanding of the purpose of education in a changing world. For example, schools that offer curriculum like IB Diploma or Cambridge International Examinations can give students the chance to learn about new cultures and the world beyond the classroom. In this category, we seek to highlight schools that accommodate multicultural cultures and are able to accommodate students from various parts of the world.