Global Competency

The “Global Competency” category of the Great Places to School program recognizes schools that prioritize and foster global competence among their students. Global competence encompasses a range of dimensions, including knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values that can be successfully applied to global issues and intercultural situations.

Schools in this category are evaluated based on their ability to provide students with a deep understanding of global issues that affect all people and have long-term implications. They emphasize the development of global competence through classroom instruction and practical application of learning to real-world topics.  The schools demonstrate a commitment to exposing students to global competencies. They promote coexistence among global communities by emphasizing shared values and embracing diversity. By cultivating global competence, these schools prepare students to navigate and contribute positively to an increasingly interconnected world.

In summary, the Global Competency category acknowledges and rewards schools that effectively equip students with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values to address global challenges and thrive in diverse cultural contexts.