Climate Action

The “Climate Action” category of the Great Places to School program encourages schools and communities to adopt measures that promote a greener environment and align with the United Nations 2030 Climate Agenda. The category recognizes the urgent need for climate action as the planet is currently off track in meeting its climate goals, which undermines global efforts to address issues such as hunger, poverty, and ill-health.

Schools in this category are encouraged to view the climate challenge as a motivation to improve access to clean water, energy, and other aspects related to the Sustainable Development Goals. Criteria for recognition in this category include initiatives such as setting up tree nurseries, collaborating with environmental activists, and implementing in-house policies that advocate for environmental protection.

By emphasizing climate action, this category aims to empower schools to contribute to a sustainable future and address the pressing environmental challenges faced by the world. It recognizes and rewards schools that actively engage in activities promoting a greener environment and aligning with global climate goals.