Career Guidance & Workforce Readiness

There is a significant mismatch between academic curriculum and the skills and training that employer seek in job candidates. Despite the fact that high school is a great time to start
thinking about careers, many students don’t yet know what they want to do when they grow up. Further, many students go through the school system and graduate with little or absolutely
no skills on how to write an application for employment, how to develop proper curriculum vitae, how to dress properly and prepare themselves for a job interview.

This category focuses on the efforts made by the school to promote a healthy and clean environment for the students. The basic hygienic requirements of a school include school compound cleanliness, proper solid waste management, access to safe and adequate water supply, access to adequate latrine provisions, classroom cleanliness, adequate lighting and ventilation free from noise, accidents and pollution. Therefore, this category looks at the overall cleanliness of the students, and the school compound including the dormitories, toilets, bathrooms, kitchen and dining areas. The category also looks at the availability of health systems or first aid facilities in case students require urgent medical attention.