Academic Excellence

The “Academic Excellence” category of the Great Places to School program focuses on schools that prioritize and promote high academic performance. In Kenya, where this program is implemented, there has traditionally been a strong emphasis on students’ performance in national examinations as a measure of school quality. However, the Academic Excellence category recognizes that true academic excellence goes beyond exam results.

Schools in this category are recognized for their commitment to transforming and shaping students’ natural intelligence through effective classroom learning. They create an environment that fosters critical thinking skills and encourages hard work. These schools also provide the necessary resources and support to help students succeed academically.

In addition to academic instruction, schools in this category offer motivational incentives to encourage and inspire students. They focus on developing relevant and timely learning skills to prepare students for success in the real world. Overall, the Academic Excellence category recognizes and rewards schools that go above and beyond to promote academic achievement and support the natural abilities of their students.